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Que and a Half Men Competition BBQ Team

Que and a Half Men Competition BBQ Team began competing on the Professional BBQ circuit in 2012. We have competed in 30 Kansas City BBQ Society (KCBS) sanctioned competitions throughout the country. Our achievements thus far through 2013 are listed below:

Grand Champion 7 3
Top 3 Finishes 28 9
Top 10 Finishes 61 16

The New England BBQ Society ranks the top teams from New England.  Along with being the 2012 New England Rookie Team of the Year, below are our achievements:

Chicken 7 1
Ribs 7 2
Pork 3 7
Brisket 12 2
Overall 18 3

KCBS also ranks the top BBQ teams in the country.  Below is how we have finished each year.

Chicken 92 47
Ribs 155 78
Pork 70 90
Brisket 122 28
Overall 139 40

By building on experience, we believe that our third year competing will be a continuation of the success we have already seen.  We have the process, people, passion, and experience to make award winning BBQ and continue to be successful on the heavily competitive Professional BBQ circuit.  By blending what we have learned and our own experiences, we believe our product will be the best on the BBQ circuit in 2014.


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               2013 KCBS / Sams Club Team of the Year



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